Thursday, 7 April 2011

Aizdean dah sampai Tokyo!


Aizdean dah sampai Tokyo smlm dah!
ingat buley ler bercoti-coti ker hari nih tapi bnyk laa jugak kejer yg perlu dibuat...(>_<)

pastu, blog yg penat2 ditulis pon terpdm ngan sendiri n now i'm writing it again!

....adoi! ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

but gotta tell u, i really had a lot of things done in Malaysia n really had fun!

i would really like to thank everybody involved for giving me the chance to make it a wonderful trip!! (T ^ T)

ABP was superb as usual...

the company n the staffs were friendly n everly nice! thx guys!!

n last but not least, the food!!!!

"no nation can surpass our Malaysian cuisine!! "

.... quoted by me of course! hahaha!

i got the opportunity to sit on AirAsia X 's premium seat, n really guys, gotta tell u that i'm really proud of it!

slept all through the way sampai the stewardess to cakap," alah, En. Aizdean nih, tido ajer!"

lor, sorry lah miss, i was already in my dreams the second i lay my eyes on the superb seat!

n sempat jugak mengecas bateri iPhone while peacefully having the slumber!

that's how i could update my japanese blog, n tweets with u guys, n habaq kat mak yg Aizdean dah slmt sampai.... p(^_^)q

now i know how to travel back n forth to Malaysia n hope u guys would follow too! (^ー^)ノ

btw, hari nih just started as a normal day n i hope it will end a normal one....

bfore that, i would like to say thanks again to everybody (nak cakap nama tapi takut tertinggal) for a tremendously splendidly time spent n i will try my besh here in Japan to cater the needs of our two nations, n the whole world as a whole!!

i'm not backing up now n hope u won't too!!



  1. aiz,,bestnye premium seat tu..
    mesti nyenyak tido..siap ade battery charger ag..cooool...
    yup..abpbh was superb and awesome..
    luv ya.. (^_^)/

  2. well, nobody can challenge malaysian food!!! ha3..
    ganbatte ne~