Thursday, 2 June 2011

ader demam sket... hehe.. ^^;

Skang kat Mesia and Jepun sumer baru nak bangun tapi kat Belgium skang nih baru nak tidor...

Aiz was a little bit buzy going places and some work in the UK and France last week but i really learned a lot!!

however with a hectic schedule like that i literally caught myself a little cold.... apart from not getting out of the hotel for the weekend, nothing serious happened... ^^;

Anyways, esok i will be going to Germany for a few days and hopefully will also have some time to take some pics^^v

... not like the ones that are as lonely as the North Sea... like this... orz

A little preparation for tomorrow and will lonely get in bed.... miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Good night.... ooops... have a good day!!!( ̄▽ ̄;)



  1. jgn lupe mkn ubat okeh. skrg ni kat eur0pe d0k sibuk pasal penyakit e-c0li. ape2 pun taking care.