Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Have you ever!


Have you guys ever seen the inside of the volcano?

Aiz had a chance to visit one of the world's biggest active volcano, Aso Mt. which is at the southern part of Japan.

Nak tgk ruper dier camner???

jeng! jeng! jeng!!

But don't worry, it won't bite you!! hahaha...

speaking of biting, camner dgn sumer org nyer puasa??

hopefully we can use this holy month as an opportunity to get us closer to The Creator.

I will be having a few gigs here and some more recordings and hope they don't interfere with anything....

but anyways, do you know Mekar Budaya??

they are a group of enthusiastic japanese people who dances tradisional "malaysian dance".

i emphasized " malaysian dance" because of the variety of ethnic dances that they do.

Apart from the main malay, chinese, indian community dances, they also do the Sabah and Sarawak tribal dances which i think is very rare for one troupe to do it even for us malaysians...

that is why i have my fullest respect to these ladies and gentlemen because they are not just unafraid to being different (hey, how many people wanna do other tradisional dances!??), they are also willing to give their all in what they are doing!!

i had a chance to be on stage with them a few days back and mind you, i'm the one being taught here! ( ̄▽ ̄)

i learned a lot and hope that we can have another collaboration in da future!!

that's all for today and selamat berposa to the muslims, and to the other guys, enjoy pasar ramadhan during the season!!! (^ー^)ノ